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Acquire Your Own EO Satellite

Skip the years and expense of prototyping by acquiring a Satellogic satellite–delivered in orbit. Accelerate national Earth Observation capabilities with an off-the-shelf, proven satellite model or develop a customized asset for specific sovereign space missions.

Rapid Deployment and
Operational Resiliency

With flexible operational terms, Satellogic offers the fastest purchase-to-orbit opportunity for submeter optical satellites. Our Space Systems offering includes:

NewSat Mark V models – Cost-efficient, proven technology – 100% deployment success rate with 40+ satellites

High-launch cadence via SpaceX

Secure, direct tasking over
any point of interest

Optional end-to-end support, including ground segment and data management

Acquisition not subject to ITAR regulations

Add-on supplemental coverage for multiple daily revisits via the Satellogic Constellation

Download DATASHEET for more details

Satellogic Constellation


deployment success rate
across NewSat spacecraft models

Multiple daily revisits

over global points of interest via the Satellogic Constellation for supplemental coverage

Design for your
New Space Autonomy

Gain expert support on mission operations, including experimental payloads, ground stations, data processing, and training.

Upgrade Your Optical Satellite Missions
Fully customizable NewSat Mark-V model to meet mission requirements
Patented submeter multispectral camera included
Two customizable hosted payload bays
Time-to-Operation: 12-30 Months, delivered directly to orbit
Multiple orbit options, including inclined and eccentric
Up to 5yr lifespan
Acquisition not subject to ITAR regulations

Tour our manufacturing facility

Satellogic designs and manufactures its own satellites in a secure facility located in Montevideo, Uruguay. We have 25+ patents and industry-leading cost-efficiencies that enable us to produce satellites at scale while continuously iterating enhancements.

Ask about in-country AIT facility, command center, and additional ground segment support services.

Expand your reach with a proven EO satellite

Satellogic Webinar Series

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NewSat Mark-V Blog

Satellite Enhancements Overview:
Increased capacity, new swath sizes,
and 70cm native resolution.