Earth ObservationFinance & Insurance

Access critical information on changing ground conditions from around the world

High-frequency, high-resolution satellite imagery enables improved foresight and accurate impact assessment. From natural events to human activity, Satellogic offers the most affordable Earth Observation data solutions to boost your competitive advantage with near real-time insights for global markets.

Unlock the next generation of growth

Build a geospatial database for global intelligence

Collect high-quality data across global areas of interest and/or insured properties with broad area monitoring.

Gain insight for potential investments

Track geographic changes that may impact investment decisions with image-based socioeconomic indicators and statistical analysis.

Verify changing ground conditions

Utilize Satellogic’s high-frequency revisit capabilities to capture high-resolution, post-event imagery for damage assessments or continuous monitoring of insured properties.

Key applications for Finance

  • Commodities output estimations for market intelligence (e.g., monitoring agriculture, logging, renewable energy sites, and more)
  • Track economic indicators and trade activity across key points of interest such as ports, borders, energy sites
  • Access timely insights on emerging events such as natural disasters, catastrophes, and conflict
Ras Tanura Refinery, Saudi Arabia
Port of Rotterdam, Netherlands
Dubai, UAE

Key applications for Insurance

  • Land Use / Land Cover assessments and monitoring
  • Geospatial risk modeling for floods, landslides, fires, and marine hazards to support insurance underwriting
  • Real-time disaster monitoring and damage assessments; analyze ground conditions remotely
Ever Given container ship, Suez Canal, Egypt
Flooding in Timbulsloko, Central Java, Indonesia
Fires in Arupacupa, Italy

Improving Disaster Response
with EO Data

This project, the result of teamwork, investigated methods for providing Analysis Ready Data with Decision Ready Indicators to facilitate quick reactions to disasters

Agriculture and EO Data Can Help Us Towards Food Security

Explore how EO data can support UN Sustainable Development Goal #2 to bolster food security across
four dimensions.