Earth ObservationFinance & Insurance

Make Imagery Your Greatest Asset

High-frequency, high-resolution imagery enables improved foresight and accurate impact assessment. From natural events to human activity, geospatial data offers the best competitive advantage, providing better insights for global markets.

Unlock the next generation of growth

Expedite claims with remote analysis

Access analyst-ready impact estimations, temporal comparisons plus up-to-date imagery for property damage assessments, economic impact analysis, and emergency response.

Gain insight for potential investments

Track geographic changes that may impact investment decisions with image-based socioeconomic indicators and statistical analysis.

Verify ground conditions

Utilize Satellogic’s high-frequency revisit capabilities to capture high-resolution, post-event imagery for damage assessments or continuous monitoring of insured properties.

Finance & Insurance main applications

  • Commodities output estimations for market intelligence (e.g., agricultural yields, logging, renewable energy sources, and more)
  • Geospatial risk modeling of floods, landslides, fires, plus coastal and marine hazards like algal blooms to support insurance underwriting
  • Real-time disaster monitoring and damage assessments for insurance claims management
Ever Given container ship, Suez Canal, Egypt
Iquique Free Trade Zone, Chile
Dubai, UAE