Earth ObservationGovernment & Defense

Affordable, near-real time intelligence at scale

With industry-leading capacity, Satellogic offers governments GEOINT autonomy with encrypted tasking, data access, management, and analytics support. Our growing constellation ensures global leaders get the satellite images they need to strengthen national security, enhance economic prosperity, and prepare for a more sustainable future.

Defense & Intelligence Missions

Our end-to-end solutions enhance security-related decisions to meet today’s demands and anticipate tomorrow’s challenges.

  • Object Detection
  • Feature Extraction and Change Detection
  • Critical Infrastructure Monitoring
  • Corridor Mapping
  • Maritime Safety and Environmental Protection
  • Border Control
  • Activity Monitoring
  • Situational Damage Assessment
  • Key Site Analysis
  • Support to Policy, Operations and Mission Planning
Qingdao Naval Base, China

Remote Regions and Border Control

Leveraging our versatile constellation of high-resolution satellites with diverse capabilities, we are uniquely positioned to monitor areas of geopolitical significance—especially within contentious border areas.

  • Monitor both at-risk and high-interest border areas 
  • Identify “unofficial” border crossings that materialize as a result of a conflict or natural disaster
  • Track the construction activity of border infrastructure projects
  • Provide early warning to individuals and organizations operating in affected regions
  • Mobilize resources sooner with near real-time situational awareness
Erenhot, Inner Mongolia

Maritime Situational Awareness

Satellogic can deliver actionable information to satisfy national security objectives in the maritime domain while conserving resources. Our high-resolution, high-frequency imagery and full-motion video capabilities enable marine surveillance and security agencies to prevent nefarious activity at sea, such as illegal fishing, human trafficking, and illicit transshipment activity.

  • Scalable surveillance to conserve resources
  • Static and motion-imagery based evidence to pursue investigations of illicit activity
  • Multispectral and Hyperspectral imagery to analyze algal blooms and other marine hazards
  • High-frequency collections to expedite search and rescue missions
FSO Safer, Red Sea, Yemen Coastal Waters

Humanitarian Assistance & Disaster Response

As a member of the International Disasters Charter, Satellogic is committed to providing consequential services to those in need. Our imagery is immediately made available to local, national, and international disaster response organizations to assist with the coordinated rapid response effort.

  • Population density mapping for resource allocation
  • Safe and unobstructed routing for search and rescue teams
  • Pre and post-event imagery to assess damage (or conduct damage assessment analysis) – government vs. private infrastructure damage
Flooding in Swat River, Pakistan

Emergency Response for Ukraine

Humanitarian organizations operating in the region may apply for free access to our weekly area collections. Ukraine Observer is a data access platform developed in collaboration with Astraea.

Agreement with Albania

Find out more about the agreement between Satellogic and Albania, which will see the European nation receive images covering all of its land.

See for Yourself

Our unique Constellation-as-a-Service model enables organizations to manage direct tasking of our satellites over a specified area of interest.