Low Earth Orbit: The best vantage point to monitor the Earth

For the first time, there is a constellation that unlocks the many benefits of high-resolution Earth Observation data at vastly superior unit economics—allowing Satellogic to pass on cost savings to customers.

Aleph-1 Constellation


Our constellation currently consists of 26 operational NewSat satellites in sun-synchronous low Earth orbit (LEO)


Weekly world remaps by 2023 with a constellation of 60+ satellites


Daily world remaps by 2025 with a complete constellation of 200+ satellites

Constellation Roadmap

Commercial Satellites in Orbit13173463139202
Satellite Characteristics
(GSD Resolution)
at 470 km
at 470 km
at 440 km
at 330 km
Daily Revisits of Any Point of Interest347132840
Product LaunchesDedicated Satellite Constellation Data PlatformWeekly World RemapsDaily World Remaps

Our constellation capacity allows us to:

Deliver up to four daily revisits of any point of interest

Remap any country or region in its entirety every month

Collect over 5 million km2 of high-resolution data every day

Our Missions

April 26, 2013
CubeBug-1, Capitán Beto
November 21, 2013
CubeBug-2, Manolito
June 19, 2014
BugSat-1, Tita
May 30, 2016
NewSat-1, Fresco
NewSat-2, Batata
June 15, 2017
NewSat-3, Milanesat
February 2, 2018
NewSat-4, Ada
NewSat-5, Maryam
January 15, 2020
NewSat-7, Sophie
NewSat-8, Marie
September 2, 2020
NewSat-6, Hypatia
November 6, 2020
NewSat-9, Alice
NewSat-10, Caroline
NewSat-11, Cora
NewSat-12, Dorothy
NewSat-13, Emmy
NewSat-14, Hedy
NewSat-15, Katherine
NewSat-16, Lise
Newsat-17, Mary
NewSat-18, Vera
June 30, 2021
NewSat-19, Rosalind NewStat-20, Grace
NewStat-21, Sofya
NewStat-22, Elisa
April 1, 2022
NewSat-23, Annie Maunder NewSat-24, Kalpana Chawla
NewSat-25, Mária Telkes
NewSat-26, Mary Somerville
NewSat-27, Sally Ride
May 25, 2022
NewSat-28, Alice Lee
NewSat-29, Edith Clarke
NewSat-30, Margherita Hack
NewSat-31, Ruby Payne-Scott

Celebrating Women in STEM

In 2018, we began what would become a celebrated tradition of naming our satellites after remarkable women in STEM. Our constellation commemorates these brilliant pioneers who made significant contributions and discoveries that impacted and inspired millions of lives around the world.

Currently, we have 26 satellites in orbit honoring: Sophie Germain, Marie Curie, Hypatia, Alice Ball, Caroline Herschel, Cora Ratto, Dorothy Vaughan, Emmy Noether, Hedy Lamarr, Katherine Johnson, Lise Meitner, Mary Jackson, Vera Rubin, Rosalind Franklin, Grace Hopper, Elisa Bachofen, Sofya Kovalevskaya, Annie Maunder, Kalpana Chawla, Mária Telkes, Mary Somerville, Sally Ride, Alice Lee, Edith Clarke, Margherita Hack and Ruby Payne-Scott. May their legacies continue to inspire new innovations and collaborations across STEM here on Earth from space.