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NewSat Mark-V: Satellite Enhancements Overview

By Dionisio Díaz González, SVP of Satellite Engineering

Increased capacity, new swath sizes, and 70cm native resolution

The Mark-V is the latest iteration of our flagship NewSat satellite. This 5th generation model features a range of enhancements including 70cm native resolution, a wider swath of 6.5km, and an increased collection capacity of 350,000 km2 per day per satellite. 

Every satellite in our constellation is designed, manufactured, commissioned, and operated by Satellogic. We are proud of our vertical integration and the legacy we’re building for rapid iteration and cost-efficiencies, making Satellogic the leader in available high-resolution, global tasking capacity for customers.

Kingdom Tower in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia | Through increased pixel density and the use of our patented stabilized focal plane, NewSat Mark V delivers greater clarity. 

Enhanced Image Quality

NewSat Mark-V satellites capture native 70cm resolution with a 6.5km swath.

The new camera has larger swath and the capacity to capture using HDR (High Dynamic Range). This translates directly into a better GSD (0.7 cm) and better Signal to Noise ratio, among other quality dimensions.

70cm Advantage

The prior Mark-IV model collected native 99cm data, enabling us to deliver 70cm post-processed SuperResolution. With our Mark-V native 70cm, we’ve unlocked 50cm SuperResolution for greater visual clarity. This new level of clarity enables our users to create more detailed maps and analytics from our imagery. Further, it helps machine learning models to perform better to enable rapid object extraction to support mission critical applications like port and airbase monitoring.

NewSat-26 Mark V image of Muscat International Airport, located in the capital city of Oman, is the largest airport in the country and serves as a major hub for international and domestic flights.

A Larger Swath and High Dynamic Range

The NewSat Mark V offers a significant advantage with its wider swath width of 6.5km. This feature is particularly valuable for geospatial users as it allows for more rapid capture of larger areas while maintaining consistency. As a result, resource maps exhibit greater consistency, urban monitoring is accomplished more swiftly, and each image provides a broader perspective of ports and airports for monitoring applications.

Native GSD99 cm70 cm
SuperResolution (SR)70 cm50 cm
Swath5 km6.5 km
Max Strip Length Per Orbit2000 km9000 km
Daily Collection Capacity (per satellite)125,000 sqkm/day350,000 sqkm/day

Note: Value stated assume an orbital altitude of 460 km and measured for sensing at nadir.

The NewSat Mark-V is our new standard satellite design that will be used for future launches coming in 2024 and beyond. Upgrading our constellation with this new generation unlocks our next challenge: Weekly Global Remaps. It’s a significant milestone in our journey to ultimately deliver daily global remaps, capturing every square kilometer of the Earth’s surface every day – revolutionizing how we understand, respond, and prepare for change.