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Affordable, high-frequency and high-resolution imagery

With the largest commercial Earth Observation constellation in orbit, our customers stream rich geospatial data at unmatched:


Up to 7 daily revisits of any point of interest


Patented technology delivers multispectral imagery at sub-meter resolution


High-resolution imagery at the industry’s most competitive price point

Multispectral Imagery

The global leader in high-resolution data collection from space

Satellogic 70cm multispectral imagery allows you to monitor economic activity and high-frequency changes to infrastructure and natural environment with sub-meter detail.


Pixel Resolution (GSD) at nadir 0.7 meter resolution
Number of Bands 4
Wavelengths Blue: 450 – 510 nm
Green: 510 – 580 nm
Red: 590 – 690 nm
Near-IR: 750 – 900 nm
Image Accuracy 10 m CE90
Image Delivery bits/pixel 8 or 16 bits
File Format GeoTiff
File Compression LZW lossless data compression
Image Metadata Included
Projection UTM/WGS84
Swath Width 5 km

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The Best Price Point

More affordable data means more data to train algorithms, monitor change, and enhance situational awareness across the globe.

Archive Orders*
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$3 per km2 

Standard Tasking
starting at

$8 per km2

Rush Tasking
starting at

$18 per km2

* Minimum archive order size applies

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