Collaborating for global, regional, and local transformation

By working together, we can achieve better, faster results. Satellogic partners with organizations that develop and rely on geospatial technology applications to solve humanitarian and environmental problems.

Global development and humanitarian partnerships

It is important that organizations combating dangerous and difficult problems have access to reliable, global information. We are honored to support these partners in their missions to improve life on Earth for all.

The International Disasters Charter Members are very pleased to welcome Satellogic with its growing constellation of as an approved partner in the Charter. Satellogic’s unique capabilities to capture high-frequency, high-resolution geospatial imagery will enhance the charter’s ability to provide critical data for responding to disasters across the globe.

G.S. Rao

Executive Secretariat Member

Indian Space Research Organization (ISRO)

Strategic Technology Partner

AWS is helping Satellogic evolve its infrastructure, storage, and processing to support weekly and daily global remaps.

Industry leadership partners

By working alongside other industry leaders, we can help shape policies and best practices that will benefit our customers and foster our mission: the democratization of geospatial data.


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