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With the largest commercial Earth Observation constellation in orbit, our customers stream rich geospatial data at unmatched:


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Patented technology delivers multispectral imagery at sub-meter resolution


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Multispectral Imagery

The global leader in high-resolution data collection from space

Satellogic 70cm multispectral imagery allows you to monitor economic activity and high-frequency changes to infrastructure and natural environment with sub-meter detail.


Pixel Resolution (GSD) at nadir 0.7 meter resolution
Number of Bands 4
Wavelengths Blue: 450 – 510 nm
Green: 510 – 580 nm
Red: 590 – 690 nm
Near-IR: 750 – 900 nm
Image Accuracy 10 m CE90
Image Delivery bits/pixel 8 or 16 bits
File Format GeoTiff
File Compression LZW lossless data compression
Image Metadata Included
Projection UTM/WGS84
Swath Width 5 km

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More affordable data means more data to train algorithms, monitor change, and enhance situational awareness across the globe.

Archive Orders*
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$3 per km2 

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$8 per km2

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$18 per km2

* Minimum archive order size applies

Tomé, Chile

On January 30, 2023, a series of wildfires broke out in Chile. By early February, more than 400 individual fires had spread across the nation, burning approximately 430,000 hectares (1,100,000 acres), as seen in the left image. The government declared a state of emergency in multiple regions of the country; 24 lives were lost.

A few months later, the environment has begun to heal. In the image on the right, burnt areas have recovered with healthy vegetation. Satellite imagery enables analysts to study different types of environments at greater scale and frequency; this supports the development of advanced risk mitigation strategies as well as emergency response and recovery.

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