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October 5, 2020

Newsletter Q4-2020

Leading the way to a new era of Earth Observation

Later this week, our first dedicated launch will add 10 new spacecraft to our Earth Observation constellation, turning us into the undisputed global leader in high-resolution data collection from orbit. 

This launch will immediately allow us to deliver greater volumes of data to our customers at unprecedented speeds. By continuing to scale our constellation in orbit, we are addressing a large and growing global demand for high-resolution imagery. 

To make the most of our new capacity in orbit, we established a network of global partners to make our high-resolution data available in different regions around the globe. 

Meanwhile, we continue to innovate on our Dedicated Satellite Constellation offering. Our new “Test Drive” program allows our prospects to experience, first hand, how it feels to control a constellation of satellites over an area of interest.

We are proud to be leading the way to a new era of Earth Observation. 

And this is just the beginning…

Ad astra!

Emiliano Kargieman – CEO


First Dedicated Launch secures our place as the global leader in high-resolution data collection from orbit

On November 6 at 3:18:50am UTC, ten NewSat Mark IV satellites will be delivered to a sun-synchronous Low-Earth orbit on our first dedicated rocket. The increased orbital capacity will enable access to up to four daily revisits of any point of interest and collect more than 4 million sq km per day in high-resolution imagery, cementing our position as the global leader in high-resolution data collection from space.

This launch is an important milestone that demonstrates Satellogic’s ability to scale operations to meet increasing market demand for geospatial insights. Through this launch, Satellogic’s total in-orbit fleet will grow to 21 satellites, of which 14 will be used to deliver high-resolution data to customers. This new generation of satellites also increases our imagery resolution to 0.7 meter, enabling a more detailed view of the whole globe. Through the ongoing refinement of sub-meter imagery, we will further drive down the cost of high-frequency geospatial analytics for existing and new Dedicated Satellite Constellation customers in 2021.

Named after exceptional scientists, these new satellites continue our tradition, started in 2018, of honoring outstanding women in STEM, including both historical trailblazers, as well as current leaders in the fields of math and science. These accomplished women inspire us and reinforce our commitment to diversity, equity and inclusion. 

Discover how our constellation can help you make key decisions in your organization by providing up-to-date and high-frequency geospatial analytics.

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Global Consortium of Geospatial Imagery enables affiliates to expand their offerings for key projects


More than ever before, leaders across industries need up-to-date information to build resilient organizations. We are proud to leverage our growing constellation to get imagery into the hands of decision makers quickly, effectively, and at the right price point. Through our exclusive network of partners, governments, as well as enterprises of all sizes, can remain competitive and informed.

The Global Consortium of Geospatial Imagery allows fellow affiliates to leverage our Earth Observation satellite constellation and provide end customers with high resolution, high frequency, affordable geospatial data. Each of our spacecraft carries both a sub-meter multispectral camera and a 29-band hyperspectral sensor. Worldwide partners will have access to both multispectral and hyperspectral images, as well as our tasking, downloading, and processing capabilities.

European Space Imaging, the leading supplier of global imagery in Europe and North Africa, joins as a founding member of the Global Consortium. Other partners include Eartheye from Singapore covering JAPAC, and 5CI Brazil and Colombia in Latin America.

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New Test Drive allows to gain exclusive access to satellite tasking and data exploration 


For the first time, the power of a dedicated, on-demand satellite constellation is being put at the fingertips of governments and businesses, allowing them to experience what controlling their own satellite constellation feels like, without any of the complexity of managing a spacecraft fleet.

Through the Dedicated Satellite Constellation (DSC) Test Drive program, we are putting the power of our geospatial intelligence engine in the hands of potential customers, enabling them to directly task satellites over designated areas of interest through user-friendly, customizable dashboarding available through web application and REST API. This self-paced hands-on brand new platform gives customers the opportunity to test the DSC product capabilities, allowing them to skip straight to analysis and action. It enables them to fully experience controlling a constellation of satellites, from tasking to image delivery to managing the intuitive constellation control panel our customers use to access multispectral and hyperspectral imagery as analysis-ready datasets. Additionally, the dashboard provides a map browser to visualize captured scenes as they are completed, enabling instant and in-context monitoring, while  showcasing the capabilities of frequent remapping and the ability to revisit specific points of interest several times per day.

By democratizing these capabilities we aim to give innovators in different fields the ability to radically improve their operations using the most advanced technology. Our new platform is, from server to satellite, the most powerful solution available, allowing users to gain a competitive edge with affordable, rich, dynamic geospatial insights from a data-constellation that they control.

Take advantage of our unique satellites-as-a-service model, eliminating upfront capital costs and technical or operational risks.

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