Scale what you see

Amplify the breadth and depth of your monitoring capabilities.

Ground decisions in fact

Our Data Science and Artificial Intelligence team work alongside agriculture domain experts to power solutions that help you create efficiencies and increase productivity.

Unlock the potential
of agricultural management

Manage agricultural land and assets

Track land use, resources, and capital over time. Manage your supply chain efficiently and unlock market intelligence for your business.

Prevent theft and illegal harvesting

Receive Geo-alerts about impacted areas and their sizes anytime we detect changes.

Define carbon stocks and fluxes for government reporting

Empirical models deliver a time series of carbon fluxes at a national scale.

Monitor crop health, pests, and weeds

With our semantic segmentation technologies, our clients are able to see what they care about through augmentation lenses that can highlight everything from crop type and age, to the presence of pests.

Rationalize irrigation and use of chemicals

Understand, on a weekly basis, what your soil needs to rationalize costs and increase productivity.

Drive growth with data

Our solution to compare land and soil allows you to assess agricultural land characteristics with a tool specifically adapted to your locations, experience, and expansion needs.

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Vegetation Index Estimation

Crop Supply Chain Management

Irrigation / Water Management

Precision Farming

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