Space is closer than ever

Our low-Earth-orbit satellite constellation, platform, and diversified product portfolio work together to deliver an accurate and agile global service that supports government initiatives.

See for yourself

Let our insights support your ambitions. Gain access to rich, dynamic geospatial data to support key decisions, manage policy impact, measure investment and socio-economic progress while fostering collaboration, data sharing, and innovation.

Satellites that you manage directly

Our Dedicated Satellite Constellation Program offers exclusive access to our satellites, over your area of interest, with no capital investment and no technical or operational risks.

  • Uninterrupted coverage
  • Frequent technology updates and infrastructure replacements
  • Prompt and secure local data management
Increase monitoring capacity

Monitor an entire border, a vast wilderness, or a precise location of interest with targeted geospatial imagery.

Redefine rapid response

Enhance security-related decisions with evidence-based predictions to meet today’s demands and anticipate tomorrow’s challenges.

Support policy, operations and mission planning

Detect rapidly changing ground conditions through critical infrastructure and activity monitoring, feature extraction and change detection, situational damage assessment and key site analysis.

Improve knowledge of different domains

Protect natural resources and prevent nefarious activity at sea such as illegal fishing, human trafficking, and illicit transshipment activity, to satisfy national security objectives in the maritime domain.

A dedicated constellation provides you with:

Access to high-resolution and high-frequency satellites on demand

Sub-meter resolution imagery

Tasking, downloading, and processing capabilities

An image
An image

Revisit of specific points of interest several times a day

Hyperspectral imagery (29 bands)

Access to Satellogic’s extended ground station network


Our patented optical stabilization technology delivers both high resolution multispectral and hyperspectral imagery, offering an added dimension to geospatial data.

Gain a competitive edge with rich, dynamic geospatial data at the right price point for you.

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Pinal Airpark, AZ, USA - Satellogic © Multispectral image

Dedicated Ground Facilities

Direct tasking from own ground station

Direct satellite tasking over designated areas of interest allows for frequent remapping plus the ability to revisit several times per day.

End-to-end data downlink encryption

Satellites’ data is handled in a secure and encrypted end-to-end communication channel through an extended network of ground stations.

Operational privacy and data confidentiality

Only entity operators communicate directly and securely with our satellites for tasking and downloading data.

Total control of imagery archive

Imagery is archived in a secure, private cloud and managed directly by the operator.

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