Space is closer than ever

Our dedicated satellite constellations offer the opportunity to develop a national geospatial imaging program at an unmatched cost.

See for yourself

Governments have big visions and dynamic challenges. Satellogic’s satellite constellations provide affordable, high-resolution geospatial imagery and analytics.

Let our insights support your ambitious plans. Measure the effects of policy and implement a space strategy that will foster open collaboration and a new wave of innovation.

Satellites that you control

Our dedicated satellite constellations offer exclusive access to the insights you need with no capital outlay and no technical risk. Apply geospatial-driven insights to your most pressing questions.

  • Uninterrupted Coverage
  • Rapid Capability Recovery
  • Transparent hardware and software satellite updates
Zoom in

Monitor an entire border, a vast wilderness or a precise location of interest with targeted geospatial imagery.

Redefine rapid response

We deliver evidence-based impact predictions, temporal comparisons, and remote visual and analytical recovery monitoring.

Protect watershed health

Detect rapidly changing ground conditions and analyze the watersheds, hydro systems, and water bodies critical to a specific community or an entire continent.

Predict hydroelectric production

From glacier and snow levels, to river flows and water quality, accurately analyze the capabilities of your natural resources.

A dedicated constellation of 8 satellites provides you with:

Complete AOI Remap Every 6 Weeks

Register, Flag and Regulate Your Satellites

1-meter Resolution Imagery

An image
An image

Revisit Specific Point of Interest up to 6 Times Per Day

Control All Tasking and Data

Hyperspectral Capability


Our proprietary satellites have both multispectral and hyperspectral cameras, offering an added dimension to geospatial data beyond the visible spectrum.

Gain a competitive edge with rich, dynamic geospatial data at the right price point for you.

Dedicated Ground Facilities

Direct Tasking from Own Ground Station

With complete control of the satellites over designated areas of interest, operators may directly task satellites from their own ground stations, allowing frequent remapping plus the ability to revisit specific points of interest several times per day.

Secure, Encrypted End-to-end Data Download

Satellites’ data operates in a secure and encrypted end-to-end platform downloaded from an extended network of ground stations.

Only Operating Entity Knows the Tasked AOI and Resulting Data

Constellation’s satellites are registered and flagged by the operating entity that knows the tasked AOI and resulting data. Only they communicate directly and securely with satellites for tasking and downloading data.

Control of Archival Imagery in Dedicated Private Cloud

Total control of imagery download and archiving in a private cloud guarantees prompt and secure data management by an operators own team.

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