Change your perspective

Enacting change at global scale requires awareness and accessibility. Satellogic is on a mission to help the world transform the way we see, study, and engage with our planet. It’s time to change your perspective on what’s affordable, and what’s possible with Satellogic Earth Observation data.


Earth Observation Data

Ground conditions are not stagnant. Updating a map or capturing a remote asset once a year or every few years is expensive and ineffective. 

The value of EO data is comprised of scale, resolution, and frequency. With Satellogic, you can access more of the data you need when and how you need it–optimizing budgets and leaving room for growth.


70cm pixel resolution
10m CE90 accuracy
Global coverage
Wavelengths Blue: 450 – 510 nm
Green: 510 – 580 nm
Red: 590 – 690 nm
Near-IR: 750 – 900 nm


Quality and Quantity

With more data, comes more opportunity to refine, expand, and accelerate outcomes.

Whether you are training AI models, studying change over time, or developing advanced methodologies to scale sustainability–a high volume of high-resolution, high-frequency Earth Observation data will expedite testing, iterations, and results.

Scale Up with Satellogic

Satellogic is the solution to an underperforming EO industry. We offer the best data at the best price with the best accessibility. This trifecta presents a new opportunity for EO to deliver on its full potential. Greater affordability will increase adoption and provide the volume of data needed for more effective applications, including training AI models to advance analytics.

Ready to change your perspective on EO?