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A Sneak Peek of the Future

Simplifying your workflow with direct access to Satellogic’s high-frequency, high-resolution satellite imagery, Aleph will expedite and optimize critical analysis. Subscribers will be able to easily search our image library, order new captures, and stream or download imagery all via an intuitive web app or API. Our Earth Observation data platform will also introduce dynamic and transparent pricing plus flexible licensing options to support a broader spectrum of end users and industries. 

Aleph is currently in beta testing and only available to select users

Coming soon

The best vantage view is just 5 steps away

Define area of interest
Select product
Choose capture dates
Adjust pricing
Access imagery

Flexibility to focus on what matters most

Aleph is designed differently to help users see and confirm pricing before placing an order as well as receive status updates until images are delivered. In alignment with our mission to democratize access to Earth Observation data, pricing is dynamically determined by end-use and capability constraints—improving affordability to drive adoption across applications and sectors.

Advantages of Aleph

  • Streamlined ordering process with no sales contact required
  • Transparent and differentiated pricing fit for every budget
  • Reliable and secure web app plus flexible API options
  • Single source for global high-resolution satellite imagery

A single, reliable source for growing geospatial intelligence needs

As we expand our constellation from 30 to more than 200 satellites in orbit by 2025—gaining the capacity to deliver daily global remaps—customers will have a single point to see any and every place on Earth as it’s changing every day.

Aleph: The story behind the name

Discover the meaning and purpose behind our
geospatial access platform. An Aleph might point to all
points in the universe.

Multispectral Imagery

Discover how high-resolution multispectral imagery can help decision-makers with precise and updated information — sourced from space, directly from our planet’s surface.