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Insights from Earth Observation radically improve decision-making for every industry, government, and individual.

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For the first time, there is a constellation that unlocks the many benefits of high-resolution Earth Observation at attractive unit economics.

We reinvented the satellite from the ground up and made it smaller, lighter, and more scalable. Our satellites monitor economic activity and high-frequency change, including the extraction, production, distribution, and consumption of goods, as well as the health and evolution of the environment.

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Affordable and up-to-date mapping data and GIS layers.

Critical Infrastructure Management

Frequent global coverage of large surfaces and automated learning of new objects allows for detecting and tracking valuable infrastructure and assets.


Frequent global coverage of the planet provides the evidence required to objectively assess both gradual and sudden environmental change and impact such as coral reef degradation, climate change effects or the impact of natural disasters.

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Rural Cadastre / Road Change Detection

Critical Infrastructure Management / Object Counting

Environment / Clean Water and Sanitation

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