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  • Opportunities at the Edge: Space-based AI for EO Analysis
  • Speaker: David Vilaseca – Director of Research
  • TBC

The inevitable path of all technology is faster, better, more cost-efficient. Edge processing in space is the future of access and analytics of Earth Observation (EO) data for shorter-term decisions as well as massive, ongoing analysis, cutting down speed for critical insights from days to minutes. To take advantage of high-frequency satellite collection, AI models and processing must be moved into orbit. By reducing the bandwidth needed to downlink insights extracted at the edge ( ~500x and greater compression ratio), customers can receive timely information and make critical decisions within hours instead of weeks. A key requirement for edge computing, however, is flexibility. Due to the cost and time-intensive nature of space operations, the technology must be designed for the evolution of AI/ML algorithms and other advances. The panelists come from industry leaders that understand and embrace this principle. Satellogic and Palantir have collaborated to accelerate the speed of analyzing EO information. Satellogic is the first to carry flexible compute capabilities aboard its satellites, equipped to operate payloads like Palantir’s Edge AI technology, which enables rapid deployment of new models into space. With Satellogic’s fast iteration cycle and cost-efficient manufacturing, it is positioned to keep pace with edge processor updates unlike traditional satellite providers that operate larger, more expensive spacecraft with up to 15-year lifespans. By modernizing the approach to space technology–both hardware and software–with a more rapid, commercial strategy, Satellogic and Palantir are developing a solution to deliver on the promise of Earth Intelligence, making data more valuable and accessible for timely decisions on the ground.


  • “Time Machine” – The Power of Petabyte Image Datalakes
  • Speaker: Luciano Giesso – International Sales Director
  • TBC

Monitoring changes over time is one of the most powerful methods to use commercial satellite imagery and the vast archives of pictures being collected today, enabling companies to “rewind the clock” to observe changes in traffic patterns, transportation and shipping, urban growth, and the impacts of construction and natural disasters. This session will discuss how “time machines” work, how they are being used today, and the capabilities involved.


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