Know and track your environment

Optimize forest management with our state-of-the-art, high-resolution insights.

Enhance your decision making

Whether you need to define carbon stocks or stop illegal harvesting, our advanced insights help you continuously manage your supply chain.

Unlock the potential
of precision forestry

Manage forest lands, assets, and capital allocation

Get control over forest land use and track the evolution of any area frequently.

Prevent theft and illegal harvesting

Receive geo-alerts about impacted areas and their sizes anytime we detect changes.

Define carbon stocks and fluxes for government reporting

Empirical models deliver a time series of carbon fluxes on a national scale.

Assess forest-stand variables

Optimize your business operations and dynamically estimate forest-stand variables such as volume, yield, height, basal area, and DBH using predictive models.

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Operations Monitoring

Prediction of Biophysical Variables

Plant Species / Crop Detection

Automated Tree Count

Wildfire Impact Assessment

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