Earth ObservationEnergy & Sustainability

High-Resolution Imagery for High-Value Infrastructure

Affordable, frequent monitoring for oil and gas infrastructure, transport, and compliance needs is possible. Satellogic can help you mitigate operational and compliance risks by staying on top of remote assets. Our trusted geospatial imagery and analytics reduce operational costs and improve efficiency by giving you a holistic view of your infrastructure, near and far.

Reduce operational costs and improve efficiency

Prevent illicit activities

Detect suspicious activities in the proximity of valuable infrastructure.

Comply with environmental regulations

Track vegetation recovery and prove compliance with our change detection technologies.

Automate asset integrity management

Leverage our geolocalized alerts engine to prepare for natural or man-made events that may compromise infrastructure.

Energy main applications

  • Production Infrastructure Monitoring
  • Distribution and Pipeline Monitoring
  • Environmental Compliance

Data Sheet

Cardon Refinery, Falcon, Venezuela
Megalopoli Power Plant, Greece
Itaipú Hydroelectric Dam, Brazil-Paraguay

Mining main applications

  • Site Exploration and Planning
  • Remote Asset and Operations Monitoring
  • Field Resource Management and Optimization
  • Safety and Compliance Assessments
Damtshaa Diamond Mine, Botswana
Letseng Diamond Mine, Lesotho
Murowa Diamond Mine, Zimbabwe

Sustainability main applications

  • Site Planning and Environmental Impact Assessment
  • Remote Asset Monitoring and Management
  • Vegetation Encroachment Monitoring
Three Gorges Dam, Hydroelectric Plant, China
Capricorn Ridge Wind Farm, US
Bhadla Solar Park, India